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Omaten Software Inc. is a company with service of Internet Development and Operation in Convention and Exhibition Industry, which has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing. Some of OMATEN’s employees have working experience in famous Internet companies of China. Key employees worked for BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) and well-known webmaster. 40% of our employees have been working in Internet area for more than 7 years.

Now OMATEN has products, HZC and moxingyun, by using big data technology to transfer traditional exhibition industry chain to PC and Internet Platform, which has changed traditional work procedure of wasting lots of manpower and resource. In the meantime, it can save huge cost by recycling resource.

Now moxingyun has become 3D designer’s sharing and communication platform, which has 800,000 registered clients. Moxingyun has excellent marketing operation team and technical support and development team. As the new blood of Internet convention and exhibition industry, OMATEN has been recognized by the market via the thinking of creative mode and sharing economy. Join us, create miracles and dreams come true from now!

Company Mottoes

Moral not built, whole life will be empty; Merits not built, life will be meaningless.
So, we shall be prepared to build fulfilling moral and meaningful merits.
Merits is the show of ability;
Moral building is symbol of demeanor, while merit building is the need of living.
Moral is the soul of life, while merit is an attitude of life;
Moral building is a state of life.
Merits gives reputation, whole moral perfects merits;
Merits gives sense of achievement;
Moral gives sense of success;
No scale of the merits, but effect of achievement
Not instant of the moral building, but eternal persistence all of the life.
build moral first, then build merits.

Moral and
Merits Building

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